brilliant books

Books I would recommend, based on my own criteria, as in books that are: fascinating, unusual, extremely niche, with a point to make, gutwrenching, made an impact on me at a young age, changed me in some form or another, came to me at just the right time, carry a link to a person/place/time, or are just really good books. Adding more as I finish reading and logging them, which I’ve only done since 2017. [last update: january 2023; books recommended count: 128] {book count considers each book in a series as individual}

Separated into Fiction & Non-Fiction (for now), and multiple sub-categories based on the genre I think makes the most sense – there will be some overlap. If you hover over a cover, you will get the publication year and a very short review based on my reading experience. Books are ordered by publication year within the sub-category. Where it makes sense (e.g. a fantasy series), books are grouped together in order of publication. Click on the cover to be taken to its entry on TheStoryGraph website. If you’d like to read it, consider checking your local library or local bookshop first.